Evaluation Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions and help us to improve this web site.

A. Tell us about yourself

1. If you are a teacher, how long have you been teaching?

2. If you are a teacher, which setting most closely describes the context in which you teach?

B. Content

1. The lesson topics were helpful to me.

2. I learned something that I can use in my teaching.

3. I found the videos helpful and informative.

4. The tasks were clear and helped me learn.

5. What was the most helpful element of this workshop? Why?

6. Which lesson is most likely to affect your own teaching? Why?

7. Please write any other comments here.

C. Delivery

1. The site is easy to use.

2. The video quality is good.

3. I experienced some delays with web pages loading.

4. My browser is

5. My internet connection is

6. Please write any other comments here.

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